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AI Powered Iodine Contrast Enhancing Solution


ClariACE is the World’s 1st AI-powered Augmented Contrast Enhancing solution for low-dose CECT (Contrast-enhanced computed tomography) images. Our powerful pre-trained deep learning model allows to selectively boost contrast agent components in CT images.

ClariACE Benefits

Clearly enhances the contrast

Clearly enhances the contrast of the iodine selectively without increasing noise.

User Friendly

User can directly set the boost ratio of the contrast so that the user-customized optimal image quality can be achieved.

Easy to integrate

Vendor agnostic regardless of iodine contrast manufacturer, CT scanner, and scanned conditions, making it easy to integrate with your current systems.

Performance validated

Performance validated for low radiation dose CT images as well as in case CECT does not have enough image contrast for a number ofreasons including obese patients.

Contrast Agent

  • Contrast-enhanced CT scans that are utilized in the diagnosis of various diseases cannot avoid the use of contrast agents, despite the fact thatcontrast agents have a variety of side effects.
  • Therefore, iodine dose should be reduced as much as possible in contrast enhanced CT.
  • On the other hand, if the contrast agent dose is reduced in contrast-enhanced CT scans, there is a risk of reduced accuracy of patient diagnosis due to less image contrast between the lesion and tissue.  
  • For this reason, the conflicting relationship between patient safety and accurate diagnosis has remained a dilemma for CT imaging.

How It Works

Fully compliant with DICOM standards, ClariACE allows easy and seamless integration with any CT scanners and PACS system.

Transmission Through DICOM

Any CT Scanners

Transmission Through DICOM


Contrast Boosting


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