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Unprecedented Image Clarity for Ultra-Low-Dose CT Scans


ClariCT.AI is the company’s artificial intelligence deep-learned technology that uses noise reduction technology. It is both FDA cleared and CE marked to offer a significant increase in CT image clarity, even with ultra-low-dose. It uses a deep convolutional neural network, trained to work in a vendor-agnostic way, to reduce noise and enhance image clarity for low-dose and ultra-low-dose DICOM CT images. Trained with over one million patient images containing varying degrees of noise for different body parts, its Clarity Engine separates image noise selectively while enhancing underlying structures; thus, providing clarity restored images.

Experience the Unprecedented Image Clarity for ClariCT.AI

Before and After Denoising

120 kV / 30 mAs / 1mm
Before FBP (Noise 150) VS After ClariCT.AI (Noise 49) 67% Denoising
120 kV / 20 mAs / 1 mm
Before FBP (Noise 189) VS After ClariCT.AI (Noise 46) 76% Denoising
77Y, M, 120kVp, 50 mAs
72Y, M, 120kVp, 50 mAs
43Y, F, 120kVp, 50 mAs
120 kV VS 65 mAs
Pelvis - 100 kVp VS 20mAs
100 kVp VS 22mAs
120 kV VS 47 mAs
Before FBP (Noise 29.5) VS After ClariCT.AI (Noise 13.2)
Before FBP (Noise 34) VS After ClariCT.AI (Noise 14.5)
Before FBP (Noise 7) VS After ClariCT.AI (Noise 3)
Before FBP (Noise 6) VS After ClariCT.AI (Noise 2)


ClariCT.AI Benefits

Compliant with DICOM

Compatible with any CT and PACS system

Reducing Cost

No need to switch CT system


Fast processing speeds with no operator needed

Enhances Image Clarity

Clears quantum noises and preserves natural-looking image

AI-powered Images Clarity

  • User definable and scalable-clarity settings allow users to maintain image clarity at reduced-dose settings.
  • Al-enabled image clarity helps users to achieve a consistent decision in quantitative and qualitative analyses.
  • Enhanced image clarity allows users to optimize the trade-offs between image quality and radiation dose.
  • Deep-learned clarity engine clears strong quantum noises.

Product Integration and User Convenience

  • Fully compliant with DICOM standard: Compatible with all CT scanners and PACS systems.
  • Fully automated operation.
  • Fast processing speed allows streamlined workflow.
  • Simple and convenient installation on desktop PC.

Increased Diagnostic Confidence*

  • Our patented Deep Learning Clarity Engine preserves natural image texture while clearing quantum noises thereby providing comfort observation with enhanced image clarity.
  • Enhanced image clarity equivalent to the standard dose setting increases reader’s diagnostic confidence (*Based on the subjective evaluation of two board certified radiologists for 160 CT set).
  • Helps users achieve the best practice in low-dose CT imaging.

Operating Costs Reduction

  • No need to change the existing CT scanners.

How It Works

Done in real-time, the clinical workflow of the ClariCT.AI is simple and comprehensive. It can be a standalone solution running from a desktop PC or be built into different modalities such as CT machines and PACS system. Our technology also supports cloud-based distribution and deployment.

Transmission Through DICOM

Any CT Scanners

Works with any brand and model of CT scanner that is DICOM compliant

Transmission Through DICOM


ClariCT.AI denoises DICOM image


After denoising process, image is sent to PACS system

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