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AI-Powered Precision Analytics Solution for Ultra-Low-Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening


With the unique built-in features including powerful denoising and kernel normalization, ClariPulmo provides accurate and consistent detection and measurement results despite the heterogeneous scan and reconstruction conditions which are frequently encountered in real world environments.

ClariPulmo Benefits

Unique built-in features include poerful AI-denoising and kernal normalization

Enables accurate and consistent characterization in heterogeneous LD CT scan conditions

Guarantees robust performance with any existing CT scanners

Fully Automated Emphysema Reporting

  • Automatic segmentation and visualization for lungs and airways
  • Automatic LAA and HAA analysis
  • Automatic measurement of volume and diameter

ClariPulmo Provides

  • Viewer displays volume-rendered images
  • Report includes results with location as well as 3D rendered image
  • Report presents findings with their volume and diameter
  • Denoising and kernel normalization options enable accurate lung density quantification in low-dose CT scans

One-Stop Solution

  • Ultra-low-dose CT solution ClariCT.AI – Fully automated emphysema reporting ClariPulmo
  • Double solution package at one unit price
  • Fully integrated fully automatic workflow
  • Cloud service option available

Operating Costs Reduction

  • No need to change the existing CT scanners

ClariPulmo is designed to support the physician in detecting, quantifying, reporting of lung lesions with highly reliable performance by a unique combination of Al algorithms.

The software provides tri-functional precision analyses of lung lesions such as lung nodule, emphysema, and other high attenuation lesions.

How It Works

Fully compliant with DICOM standards, ClariPulmo allows easy and seamless integration with any CT scanners and PACS systems.

Transmission Through DICOM

Any CT Scanners

Transmission Through DICOM

ClariCT.AI + ClariPulmo


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