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Innovative solutions for the unmet needs
in medical imaging fields


CT Image Denoising Solution

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About Us

Welcome to ClariPi

ClariPi Inc. was founded in February 2015 to provide innovative solutions for the unmet needs in medical imaging fields through the convergence of intelligent big data computing and medical imaging technologies.

Our products were born through a long-term collaboration research between engineering and medical experts. Our products were designed to help medical imaging experts make confident decisions with clearer information and convenient decision guidance. We are providing innovative solutions to help medical experts cope with the rapidly changing landscape of 21st century healthcare services.

Experience the Unprecedented Image Clarity for ClariCT.AI

Our software is cultivated with repeated training that includes millions of noise-corrupted CT images that makes our Deep Learning model smarter in precisely capturing Noise Signatures in CT scan images. The ClariCT.AI distinguishes thousands of noise patterns from noisy low-dose or ultra-low-dose CT images and instantly produces high quality CT images, making them virtually free from noise. It also enhances clarity of anatomical structures while clearing strong noises without distortion or plastic appearance.

Before and After Denoising

120 kV / 30 mAs / 1mm
Before FBP (Noise 150) VS After ClariCT.AI (Noise 49) 67% Denoising
120 kV / 20 mAs / 1 mm
Before FBP (Noise 189) VS After ClariCT.AI (Noise 46) 76% Denoising
77Y, M, 120kVp, 50 mAs
72Y, M, 120kVp, 50 mAs
43Y, F, 120kVp, 50 mAs
120 kV VS 65 mAs
Pelvis - 100 kVp VS 20mAs
100 kVp VS 22mAs
120 kV VS 47 mAs
Before FBP (Noise 29.5) VS After ClariCT.AI (Noise 13.2)
Before FBP (Noise 34) VS After ClariCT.AI (Noise 14.5)
Before FBP (Noise 7) VS After ClariCT.AI (Noise 3)
Before FBP (Noise 6) VS After ClariCT.AI (Noise 2)


Why Choose Us

Image Quality

Enhanced image clarity allows users to optimize the trade-offs between image quality and radiation dose

Cost Effective

No need to replace existing scanners

The use of lower-dose radiation can extend X-ray tube life

Vendor Neutral

Compatible with any CT Scanner and PACS system in the market

Real-Time Processing

No delay in getting denoised images as they are processed in real-time

How It Works

Done in real-time, the clinical workflow of the ClariCT.AI is simple and comprehensive. It can be a standalone solution running from a desktop PC or be built into different modalities such as CT machines and PACS system. Our technology also supports cloud-based distribution and deployment.

Transmission Through DICOM

Any CT Scanners

Works with any brand and model of CT scanner that is DICOM compliant

Transmission Through DICOM


ClariCT.AI denoises DICOM image


After denoising process, image is sent to PACS system

Our Products

Our products were born through a long-term collaborative research between engineering and medical experts. Our products were designed to help medical imaging experts make confident decisions with clearer information and convenient decision guidance.


ClariCT.AI is an innovative vendor-neutral CT denoising solution based on Deep Learning technology.  It is both FDA cleared and CE marked to offer a significant increase in CT image clarity, even with ultra-low-dose. Trained with over one million patient images containing varying degrees of noise for different body parts, its Clarity Engine separates image noise selectively while enhancing underlying structures; thus, providing clarity restored images.


ClariPulmo is a novel solution for emphysema and COPD reporting with low-dose CT allowing a value-added one-stop service in lung screening. It’s essential to lung screenings, ClariPulmo has accurate 3D reporting with ultra-low-dose CT. The ClariPulmo added with the ClariCT.AI can help achieve the best practice in lung screening by reducing noise induced bias with this 3D reporting.


ClariSIGMAM analyzes fat and glandular tissue composition in mammogram precisely with deep learning technology. It is an innovative breast cancer prediction marker. ClariSIGMAM is convenient with a smart workflow at an affordable cost.


ClariAdipo automatically measures the density of subcutaneous fat and visceral fat among all abdomen fat on abdominal CT images with AI technology. It is a standalone S/W that analyzes DICOM CT abdomen fat image data sets.

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