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Fully Automated AI-Powered 3D Reporting Solution for Emphysema and Covid-19 Pneumonia

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ClariPulmo is an AI-powered tri-functional solution kit best suited for low-dose lung CT screening. Our powerful pre-trained deep learning model provides accurate quantitative analysis of lung nodules as well as low-attenuation and high-attenuation lesions such as emphysema and pneumonia from low-dose CT images, despite strong image noise and varying scan conditions. The ClariPulmo in conjunction with the ClariCT.AI can help achieve the best practice in lung screening by reducing noise induced bias with this 3D reporting.

How can ClariPulmo help with Covid-19?

• Infection with COVID-19 has symptoms such as high fever, cough and pneumonia
• Early detection of pneumonia is vital because it may initially show mild symptoms similar to cold, but may rapidly worsen to be deadly
• ClariPulmo can help with early diagnosis by detecting and analyzing areas suspected of COVID-19 pneumonia on CT

Lung Cancer Facts

  • Lung cancer accounts for nearly 160,000 deaths per year in the U.S., and there are more than 224,000 new lung cancer cases every year in the U.S1.
  • An estimated 154,050 Americans are expected to die from lung cancer in 2018, accounting for approximately 25% of all cancer deaths2.
  • Globally, lung cancer is responsible for 1.59 million deaths each year, which makes it the most common cause of cancer death worldwide2.
  • During 2018, an estimated 234,030 new cases of lung cancer were expected to be diagnosed, representing about 13% of all cancer diagnoses3.
  • More than 50% of people with lung cancer die within one year of being diagnosed4.

[1] American Cancer Society. Cancer Facts & Figures 2014. Atlanta: American Cancer Society; 2014.

[2] Siegel RL, Miller KD, Jemal A. Cancer Statistics, 2018. CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians. 2018; 68:7-30. doi: 10.3322/caac.21442.

[3] World Health Organization. Cancer Fact sheet No. 297. Updated February, 2014.

[4] U.S. National Institute Of Health, National Cancer Institute. SEER Cancer Statistics Review, 1975–2015.

ClariPulmo Benefits

Compliant with DICOM

Seamless integration with any CT scanner and PACS system

Fully Automated

Several automatic options for measurement, analysis, segmentation, and more

Enhances Image Clarity

Provides accurate quantitative analysis of lung nodules and low and high-attenuation lesions

Helps Predict the Risk

Helps predict the risk of developing COPD

Fully Automated Emphysema Reporting

  • Automatic segmentation and visualization for lungs and airways
  • Automatic LAA and HAA analysis
  • Automatic lung nodule segmentation
  • Automatic measurement of volume and diameter for each segmented nodule

ClariPulmo Provides

  • Viewer displays volume-rendered nodule images
  • Report includes results for detected nodules with their location as well as 3D rendered image
  • Report presents findings for detected nodules with their volume and diameter
  • Denoising and kernel normalization options enable accurate lung density quantification in low-dose CT scans

One-Stop Solution

  • Ultra-low-dose CT solution ClariCT.AI – Fully automated emphysema reporting ClariPulmo
  • Double solution package at one unit price
  • Fully integrated fully automatic workflow
  • Cloud service option available

Operating Costs Reduction

  • No need to change the existing CT scanners

How It Works

Fully compliant with DICOM standards, ClariPulmo allows easy and seamless integration with any CT scanners and PACS systems.

Transmission Through DICOM

Any CT Scanners

Transmission Through DICOM

ClariCT.AI + ClariPulmo


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